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MYRKGRAV • Folk Metal
INCURSED • Epic Viking Metal
WORSELDER • Stoner Groove Metal

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Something very special

After a hard-working period of composition and studio enclosure, Spanish VIKING FOLK METAL masters NORTHLAND steps forward towards its consolidation with their second full-length „Downfall And Rebirth“:

About „Downfall And Rebirth“:
Life and death, day and night… Everything has its beginning - birth, and its own end - death. Great civilizations fall and the new ones take their place as day turns to night and night turns to day. „Downfall And Rebirth“ explains the end of mankind as Mother Nature rises in vengeance against those who have made her suffer for so long. Meanwhile, somewhere out in space, celestial bodies collide to create a new world.

This concept is also present in „Downfall And Rebirth“ in different ways: the course of the day, defeats and victories. Even when the album comes to an end, replaying it again makes complete sense as a never ending cycle.

The origin of NORTHLAND, back into the end of 2007, started when the band edited the first demo „Freezing Sadness“. Wagering on a quite unknown style in Spain, NORTHLAND began to make concerts in order to claim for a place within the national Metal scene.

Their melodic music crossed the borders and the band signed up for the German label Black Bards. As a result, „Northland“ (2010), their first studio release, was brought to light. This launch of finest VIKING FOLK METAL opened the gates for NORTHLAND to participate in numerous festivals, tours and concerts around the European continent.

After three years and almost a hundred of gigs, NORTHLAND began to be considered one of the significant bands among the Folk Metal scene.

METALMESSAGE PR looks forward to the full co-operation with these exceptional talented musicians!

MEDIA FEEDBACK for "Downfall And Rebirth":

10 / 10
"This full-size album is chock full of amazing music and certainly goes in the books as one of the greats in their genre."
(Metal Temple)

10 / 10

95 %
"This is definitely the album I have been waiting for, this might even make my top albums of the year."
(Metal Archives)

9,5 / 10

9 / 10
(Metal Harem)

4,5 / 5
(Metal Underground)

11 / 15

8,5 / 10
(El Lado Oscuro De La Luna)

8 / 10
(Trzy Po Trzy)

7,5 / 10
"…a good album and definitely worth checking out…"

7 / 10


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No boundaries for erupting energies!

CYRENCE from the worldwide known capital of delicious beer, Munich, play melodic and lively THRASH METAL in the vein of MEGADETH, METALLICA and ANTHRAX.

Their style is very unique, there are no boundaries for the skilful Bavarian bunch of enthusiastic Thrash-heads.

Early 2015 will see the release of their EP „The Hospital“:

One will enjoy a shitload of rough and edgy neckbreakers as well as clean, almost psychedelic moments, always maintaining the right amount of strong heaviness, martial groove and fine melody.

The lyrics of CYRENCE cover a wide range of different topics.

METALMESSAGE PR looks forward to support the upcoming EP release of CYRENCE - it's time to spread their melodic and highly energetic Thrash sound to worldwide ears!

MEDIA FEEDBACK for "The Hospital":


CYRENCE online:

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Aesthetically beautiful and expressively

Lars Jensen and his one-man FOLK METAL project MYRKGRAV is finally out with new material – the independently released digital exclusive single „Vonde Auer“:

„Vonde Auer“ continues where „Sjuguttmyra“, the band’s most recent musical effort from 2013, left off.
In other words: old-fashioned Folk Metal in which Jensen blends old and new in a manner distinctly Norwegian – including extensive use of Norway’s national instrument: the Hardanger fiddle, masterfully executed by renowned folk musician Olav Luksengård Mjelva.

Continuing the conceptual lyrical and visual tradition of MYRKGRAV, „Vonde Auer“ features lyrics based off of folklore from Ringerike in Norway, Lars Jensen’s homelands.

In addition to the regular „Vonde Auer“ version (though there is very little regular about it), the release also features a genuine folk music twist wherein the song has been broken down, rewritten and rearranged for the Hardanger fiddle.

If one wouldn’t know better, one’d probably think it a centuries old traditional piece of music from a faraway Norwegian fjord village.
Alas, it’s simply Jensen and MYRKGRAV continuing with 1000 mile steps towards the most genuine blend of folk music and Metal possible.

MYRKGRAV is a one-man Folk Metal project founded in 2003 by Lars Jensen in Norway. The band is heavily concept-based, with lyrical and visual themes rooted in folklore and local history from Lars' homelands, Ringerike and its surroundings.

MYRKGRAV relies strongly on Norwegian folk music (including the use of traditional instruments) in its sound, while retaining a distinct extreme metal basis, such as to aspire towards bringing folk and metal together like it was the most natural thing in the world. What started out as a bedroom Black Metal project in 2003, has evolved to become a fusion of several different styles.

In addition to Lars Jensen himself, MYRKGRAV often features guest members that add their own flare to the sound. As of today, the current recording line-up consists of the following individuals:
Lars Jensen: Vocals, guitars, flutes, keyboards and programming
Olav Luksengård Mjelva: Hardanger fiddle
Erlend Antonsen: Bass guitar

About Lars Jensen:
Lars was born 30.12.1986 in Ringerike, Norway.
Living in the small countryside village Åsa, he was subject to the rich folklore of the area, which would eventually shape much of his professional as well as personal future.
As of 2013, he is majoring in Folkloristics with a minor in Ethnology at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland.

MYRKGRAV has teamed up with METALMESSAGE PR to help spread the good word of Norwegian Folk Metal!

MEDIA FEEDBACK for "Vonde Auer":

8 / 10
"Clocking in at just under 9 minutes between the two versions of the song, you will definitely be longing for more … the main version at just over 6 minutes features everything you want in a great Folk Metal song … traditional instruments, triumphant vocals in solo and chanting/choral styles, catchy riffs and a variety of rhythms to add texture to the track, giving it a very story-rather-than-song feel…"

8 / 10
"…a very great sounding blackened Viking/Folk Metal project … if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this single."
(A Different Shade Of Black Metal)

8 / 10
(Mister Folk)

"Highly enjoyable output with quality in every detail from a talented musician."
(Gorgers Metall)

"…Lars Jensen is someone who knows how to make some very nice Folk Metal, that's for sure…"
(Dutch Metal Maniac)

MYRKGRAV online:

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Thrilling get-up-and-go moods

Basque talents of INCURSED announce their fulminant return finally!

The upcoming new studio album "Elderslied" offers their well proofed EPIC VIKING METAL style once more in catchy melodic perfection:

The official release date of the new album "Elderslied" is scheduled for Dec. 24, 2014, which becomes a public holiday so to say for all followers of epic and melodic Viking Metal simply shorthanded through the formation. Who needs despicable Christmas when INCURSED can be enjoyed there?

Cheers! Lastly appears at that day also the physical version of the delicious new EP "Beer Bloodbath", which was available to date only in digital way:

Currently the extremely ambitioned bunch from Bilbao raspes very busy on the final details for the new output "Elderslied".

After having managed the global PR measures to its album predecessor "Fimbulwinter" METALMESSAGE gets on the hard ball one more time for the media interests of the irrepressible formation from the pictorial Basque Country!

MEDIA FEEDBACK for "Elderslied":

10 / 10
(Metal Samsara)

5 / 5
"Great work, undoubtedly in my Top 10 of 2014!"
(Diario De Un Metalhead)

9,5 / 10
(Satan Arise)

9,5 / 10
(The Drinktim)

9,5 / 10

9 / 10
"Overall a great and varied album."
(Musipedia Of Metal)

9 / 10
(La Estadea)

8,5 / 10
"…a very epic sounding folk/viking metal album…"
(A Different Shade Of Black Metal)

8,5 / 10
(Dioses Del Metal)

8,5 / 10
(Time For Metal)

8 / 10
"…a great album."

8 / 10
(Rock 2.0)

7,5 / 10

"'Elderslied' is almost a perfect album. I can assure you that we are facing a superb album that you will listen and listen again."

"…captures several songs to take note of like 'Heart Of Yggdrasil' has powerful vocal chords with even stunning instrumentals, each working together to create a style of sound that is timeless and breath taking throughout … this album by INCURSED is one to behold and wonder, because it covers not just entertaining music but something so much more to it, a rather story telling formula that doesn't want to quit."
(Nataliez World)

"…two masterpieces … you don't know INCURSED, well, listen to them, if you are a Pagan/Viking Metal fan you'll love it!"
(Dutch Metal Maniac)

INCURSED online:

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Sudorific heating riff powers

After exploring various aspects of Heavy Metal, the members of WORSELDER brought the band towards a style that is more and more their own and modern, based on solid rhythms, progressive arrangements and diverse vocals, all of which serve a musical style made for the stage.

Sick of all the nu-wave stuff ?!

And these guys have a 100% authentic approach, as much in their attitude as in their music, proudly taking on their Pyrenean origins, as their new EP "MMXIV" shows:

Officially the new release has been set off the chain at the end of November 2014.

Far from the traditional nail wielding leather clad biker look, WORSELDER from Pamiers refuse to belong to any established category.

Band and PR Agency looking forward to enjoy a massive rockin' cooperation to bring their massive kick-ass-sound around the globe.


9 / 10
"…an eastern tone to the music gives this quite a 70's feel, yet 'The Sickening' is totally in the now, at times its like early MONSTER MAGNET with elements of black album era METALLICA thrown in…"
(Stu's Reviews)

4 / 5
(Harte Musik)

8 / 10
"… if you are a fan of Stoner and Groove Metal, you should check out this EP. Recommended track "Home Of The Grave"…"
(Extreme Underground Music Zine)

7 / 10

7 / 10


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Straight in the face of society!

True believers know it well:
So many fine pronouncements.
So rarely fine deeds.
Mankind truly seems lost on morally levels.

PREMORTAL BREATH don't want to be a part of these shameful emotional decay, as they show with their official videoclip:

The special HEAVY METAL output of these wholeheartedly condemning accusers from Germany should concern!

Their debut album "They" isn't made for simple minds:

In 2010 Tommy (vocals) and Potti (drums) decided to grab the bull by the horns. They wanted to start a fresh-sounding, heavy, yet melodic Metal band – and the idea of PREMORTAL BREATH has been realized in powerful manner:

METALMESSAGE recently joined the iron thinking five-piece for global promotion of their debut longplayer "They".


4 / 5

8,5 / 10

8 / 10
(Stu's Reviews)

8 / 10
"…takes a traditional style of HEAVY METAL and updates thew genre bringing in more modern influences and a heavier style to update this genre for the modern day … the production sounds very professional for being a self released recording…"
(Underground Musick)

8 / 10
"…traditional Heavy Metal, but they enrich it with some modern Metal touches and grooves and in my opinion they also have some melodic Thrash Metal references (there are moments that brought to my mind MEGADETH) … the band has managed to create a recognizable sound and this is a big plus for them and I think that they are closer to groups like the latest RAGE and BRAINSTORM … In general “They” is a very good album from a talented new band that moves on professional standards…"
(Behind The Veil)

7,5 / 10
(Metal Mundus)

7,5 / 10
(Music Scan)

9 / 15
(My Revelations)

7 / 10
"…good deal of Heavy Metal riffage throughout, but there’s an undeniable Thrash Metal overtone to the main verses and bridges, not to mention a rich melody to the chorus that winds up baring some Metalcore traits here and there, such as the decent breakdown that wraps everything up…"

3 / 5

4 / 7
"…ein solides und sauber produziertes Metal-Album, das ein paar starke Songs zu bieten hat … man darf auf kommende Werke gespannt sein…"

"…a solid piece of work…"
(Nataliez World)

"Lead vocals come courtesy of one Thomas Greulich and his rough & ragged voice doesn't give you heavy metal goosebumps then who knows what will! Falling somewhere between the Metal scene of old, underground/garage Metal and German Metal/Thrash in general…"
(Heavy Metal Time Machine)

"…METAL CHURCH and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM fans take heed … DISTURBED cadences can be heard in the band’s music also…"
(Death Scream)

"…some solid, heavy metal…"
(Dutch Metal Maniac)


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proudly presents:

Musically Zeitgeist

In the 1930s it was stated, Blues would be the dangerous work of the Devil.
In the 1940s it was stated, Jazz & Swing were frightening excesses of the Devil.
In the 1950s it was stated, Rock'n'Roll would be the evil sound of the Devil.
In the 1960s it was stated, Beat would be the unpure music of the Devil.
In the 1970s it was stated, Rock music would be the corrupting sound of the Devil.
Well, and since the 1980s it was stated, Heavy Metal would be a diabolic spawn of the Devil.

What the much-reviled one heard in earlier centuries, is not officially known.
In any case, it seems clear that the ever pert bloke became really pretty musically, specifically over the last ten decades…
(Markus Eck)

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