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DESDEMONIA • Melodic Death Thrash Metal
INCURSED • Epic Viking Metal
INFINITAS • Folk Heavy Metal
ALTAIR • Power Metal

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Nightmarish outbursts

The memorable name of these Bulgarian MELODIC THRASH DEATH METAL command is of ancient Greek origin and literally means "fear of good".

EUFOBIA was founded 2003 and no band member has ever been replaced since, which is pretty rare to find nowadays.

These musicians are in any case a very own formation. The emphasized independent, intense sound of EUFOBIA is just as individual as interesting structured and full of variety, even in the abysmal, manic emotional passages. Every song by the guys therefore can stand completely for itself.

So far EUFOBIA have performed live more than 180 (!) times and shared the stage with well known acts such as Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Rotting Christ, Kreator, Vader, Immolation, Onslaught, Malevolent Creation, Pyogenesis, Gorgoroth, Sinister, Broken Hope, Dragonforce, Eluveitie, Keep Of Kalessin, E-force, Negura Bunget, Suicidal Angels, as well as with many fellow underground ones.

Recently the musically and lyrically hard biting genre-hopefuls from the city of Sofia published their newest music video for the song "Graveyard":

"Graveyard" is taken out of their third, self-titled album "Eufobia", which has been published in November 2016.

Currently, EUFOBIA are writing new songs for the fourth album, which is expected to be released early 2018.

EUFOBIA • Online:

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Immense power, highest pressure

Take old school Death Metal, add a healthy dose of rocking groove, a pinch of Thrash fury and round it up with a lot of fine melody… and you'll get the extremely powerful essence of Luxembourg's DESDEMONIA:

Hardly on the heavy ball since 1994, lie lots of efforts and experiences meanwhile behind these guys. "Existence", their third full-length output, showed the band's many abilities and skills in 2010. Since then DESDEMONIA wrote some new, truly blasting songs.

Currently the fit formation is looking for a suitable label partner for the finished fourth longplayer.

The newest album monster has been mixed and mastered by no lesser than Fredrik Nordström at FREDMANN Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Architects, Hammerfall)


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Traditional affinity

In 2014 they delighted the fans of melodic emphasized EPIC VIKING METAL with their acclaimed album "Elderslied".

Now the Basque masters INCURSED return with a remarkably fine EP, which can optimally represent the typical style of the playful band.

Officially, "The Slavic Covenant" was released on July 31, 2017.

This EP serves as a harbinger for the upcoming studio album "Amalur", which was funded by the band with a crowdfunding campaign. The official release of "Amalur" will be announced in time.

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Complex individualism

These five Swiss Metal individualists hail from the picturesque Muotathal. In 2009 the initiators founded their extraordinary band INFINITAS.

The first concerts were followed by new songs. In 2015 the participants debuted with the 3-track EP „Self-Destruction“.

In the following, the intentionally willful and stylistically open yet very organic style developed relatively quickly: melodically catchy loaded FOLK HEAVY METAL with functionally guided Thrash Metal attacks. 

The conceptual work "CIVITAS INTERITUS" dances courageously out of line. The formation shows its abilities with these lively debut album on an audibly more mature and stable level.

Officially "CIVITAS INTERITUS" was published on May 5th, 2017.

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Highest demands

When the Italians published their exquisite debut album "Lost Eden" in October 2013, the POWER METAL world listened abruptly.

Finally, ALTAIR, founded in 2008, debuted with all-around high-quality material, which bundles all the virtues of the genre. An abundance of enthusiastic reviews was the deserved result.

But otherwise, the heavily ambitious authors were able to score on a wide range, which resulted in a large number of followers and enthusiasts who loyally respect the guys.

For the second album "Descending: A Devilish Comedy", the sextet from Ferrara succeeded in optimizing the exciting, pretty progressive overall sound.

The official release date for "Descending: A Devilish Comedy" is June, 30th 2017.

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