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Uprising heathen rage

Estonian Metal horde THARAPHITA has released their latest album titled "Ülestõus" ("Uprising") in summer 2014.

The new album’s music is a special mix of Black, Heavy and Thrash Metal: BLACKENED PAGAN METAL.

Lyrics are mostly inspired by Estonian history and our ancestors’ hard struggle for survival and the freedom of their homeland. According to legend, the mightiest Estonian fire god Tarapita landed at Estonia’s biggest island Saaremaa.

The album frontcover art depicts the main crater of lake Kaali, which was formed by a meteorite. It caused enormous damage and chaos but our ancestors starting to worship this mystical fire in the sky. The meteorites also contained iron ore, which made it possible to forge extremely strong weapons for the ancient times warriors and tools for farmers.

The new album release of THARAPHITA provides great contribution into Estonian Metal music but the lyrics also a call to reconsider the values dominant in our society. It was also nominated in the category of the best metal album at the Estonian Music Awards 2015.

The album was recorded at the Roundsound Studio and contains eight songs:

1. Ülestõus (Uprising)
2. Viimsepäeva Koidik (The Dawn Of Armageddon)
3. Luupainaja (The Nightmare)
4. Tuhandeaastase Orjaöö Tuhast (From The Ashes Of A Thousand Years Of Slavery)
5. Sõnad Sõlmedesse (Knotting The Words)
6. Surma-arbujad (Sorcerers Of Death)
7. Tuuled Rändavad ringi (Winds Wander)
8. Terasest taotud teel (On A Road Made Of Steel)

Two songs from the new album (“Ülestõus” and “Luupainaja”) can be listened at THARAPHITA Official Youtube Channel.


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Infernal temptation

Their EP "Into Oblivion" was finally self-released on October 22nd in 2014.

"Into Oblivion" delivers a devilish well composed and technical demanding 4-track orgy, to which the band wants to invite lovers of NAGLFAR, DISSECTION and DARK FUNERAL.

Raised to serve the dark in fall 2011, the line-up of BLACKENED MELODIC DEATH METAL enthusiasts MORTHUS was unholy completed at the end of 2013. First gigs were celebrated, the style of the formation got optimized. 

The teutonic encouraged hell-horde from the eastern part of Germany decided to besiege a record studio for their first Demo EP in early 2014.

MORTHUS recorded four well chosen Satanic hymns at Nautilus Studio in Gera / Germany for "Into Oblivion".

MORTHUS online:

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Thoughtful brutality

HALO CREATION is a female fronted DEATH METAL band from Vienna, Austria and was founded in 2014.
Their unequivocal message is:

The five members of the band bring you real, powerful and straight Metal. 
And also live, you can feel and see the brute force of HALO CREATION.

It began in a small rehearsal room in the middle of Vienna. Since the very beginning they rehearse regularly and so the first songs accrued. In summer of 2014 a Demo CD with four songs on it was recorded. 
In fall of the same year, they already changed one member. 
Drummer Tom Zaussinger was replaced by Armin Heydari. 

In september, HALO CREATION played their first live show, together with Illdisposed. 
Since this show, they play live regularly, and already shared the stage with Graveworm or Jinjer. 
These days they are busy with songwriting for their first album and in summer 2015 they will enter the studio.

For HALO CREATION, it is important to produce elaborated and very powerful music. When they`re playing live, the crowd should go crazy and while listening to their songs, any kind of emotions sould arise.

The music should be real Death Metal, which means, there will be no clean vocals nor Nu Metal parts in it. Moreover, outstanding chorus lines are important. Further, excesses in speed, or changes in rhythm should be a big part of this music. 


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Playful at all levels

German EPIC MELODIC DEATH METAL virtuoso NOTHGARD presenting their new bass player Nico Kolja!

The band says about:
"In April these year our dear friend Vik S. has left the band due to unforeseen circumstances and private issues.
However, Vik will remain within our Band-Family of course.
Further more he will support the band with taking care of the homepage and more.
On the other hand we are very happy to present you the first pic of the new musician behind the bass.

Again we say thank you to Vik for all the past years and dearly welcome Nico."

[ bass player Nico Kolja ]

NOTHGARD online:

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Something very special

After a hard-working period of composition and studio enclosure, Spanish FOLK DEATH METAL masters NORTHLAND steps forward towards its consolidation with their second full-length „Downfall And Rebirth“:

About „Downfall And Rebirth“:
Life and death, day and night… Everything has its beginning - birth, and its own end - death. Great civilizations fall and the new ones take their place as day turns to night and night turns to day. „Downfall And Rebirth“ explains the end of mankind as Mother Nature rises in vengeance against those who have made her suffer for so long. Meanwhile, somewhere out in space, celestial bodies collide to create a new world.

This concept is also present in „Downfall And Rebirth“ in different ways: the course of the day, defeats and victories. Even when the album comes to an end, replaying it again makes complete sense as a never ending cycle.

The origin of NORTHLAND, back into the end of 2007, started when the band edited the first demo „Freezing Sadness“. Wagering on a quite unknown style in Spain, NORTHLAND began to make concerts in order to claim for a place within the national Metal scene.

Their melodic music crossed the borders and the band signed up for the German label Black Bards. As a result, „Northland“ (2010), their first studio release, was brought to light. This launch of finest FOLK DEATH METAL opened the gates for NORTHLAND to participate in numerous festivals, tours and concerts around the European continent.

After three years and almost a hundred of gigs, NORTHLAND began to be considered one of the significant bands among the Folk Metal scene.

METALMESSAGE PR looks forward to the full co-operation with these exceptional talented musicians!

MEDIA FEEDBACK for NORTHLAND "Downfall And Rebirth":

10 / 10
"This full-size album is chock full of amazing music and certainly goes in the books as one of the greats in their genre."
(Metal Temple)

10 / 10

95 %
"This is definitely the album I have been waiting for, this might even make my top albums of the year."
(Metal Archives)

9,5 / 10

8 / 9
"Overall, “Downfall And Rebirth” isn’t just a fantastic second album, it’s a fantastic album … the blending of musical styles and it’s impressively diverse scope kick the year off in some serious style…"
(Hollywood Metal)

4,5 / 5
(Metal Underground)

4,3 / 5
"…sounds so authentic … will give u unyielding awesomeness from beginning to the end. After listening this whole album will satiate u for sure … well crafted, mind blowing and definitely worth a listen for all Folk Melodic Death Metal fans…"

4 / 5 "Very Good"
(Goetia Media)

4 / 5
(Harte Musik)

4 / 5 - großartig

90 / 100

9 / 10
(Metal Harem)

8,9 / 10
(Draven's Tales From The Crypt)

8,5 / 10
(El Lado Oscuro De La Luna)

8,5 / 10
(Satan Arise)

8,5 / 10
(Metal Forever)

82 / 100
"…the band succeeded in putting more and emotion in their music, especially with the great use of the violin, the keyboard and an instrument called the jaw harp."
(Inside The Coffin)

8,2 / 10
(Metal Imperium)

81 / 100
(Empty Lord)

8,1 / 10
(Dioses Del Metal)

8 / 10
(Trzy Po Trzy)

8 / 10
(A Different Shade Of Black Metal)

8 / 10
(Rock And Metal In My Blood)

8 / 10
(Stu's Reviews)

8 / 10
(Rotting Hill)

8 / 10
(Dark Factory)

11 / 15

3,5 / 5

3,5 / 5
(All Around Metal)

75 / 100
(Rock Overdose)

7,5 / 10
"…a good album and definitely worth checking out…"

7,5 / 10
(Dark Festivals)

7,5 / 10
(Metal Symphony)

7,5 / 10
(Mariskal Rock)

7,4 / 10
"…a great listen and a solid start for the Folk Metal genre in 2015. And considering this is only NORTHLAND’s second full-length effort they’ll be a band fans of the genre will want to keep their eyes on … 'Downfall And Rebirth' may feel like a familiar listen for fans of Folk Metal, but it’s hard to deny the level of musicianship NORTHLAND have shown on this album."
(Music Review)

7 / 10

7 / 10
"If you’re a lover of Folk Metal, this album is a must to add to your collection."
(Metal Utopia)

7 / 10
(Monkey Castle)

"Falling in line with the likes of ELUVEITIE, ENSIFERUM, and the rest of the gang, Northland provides some high caliber Folk Metal on their second album…"
(Dead Rhetoric)


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proudly presents:

No boundaries for erupting energies!

CYRENCE from the worldwide known capital of delicious beer, Munich, play melodic and lively THRASH METAL in the vein of MEGADETH, METALLICA and ANTHRAX.

Their style is very unique, there are no boundaries for the skilful Bavarian bunch of enthusiastic Thrash-heads.

Early 2015 will see the release of their EP „The Hospital“:

One will enjoy a shitload of rough and edgy neckbreakers as well as clean, almost psychedelic moments, always maintaining the right amount of strong heaviness, martial groove and fine melody.

The lyrics of CYRENCE cover a wide range of different topics.

METALMESSAGE PR looks forward to support the upcoming EP release of CYRENCE - it's time to spread their melodic and highly energetic Thrash sound to worldwide ears!

CYRENCE online:

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Musically Zeitgeist

In the 1930s it was stated, Blues would be the dangerous work of the Devil.
In the 1940s it was stated, Jazz & Swing were frightening excesses of the Devil.
In the 1950s it was stated, Rock'n'Roll would be the evil sound of the Devil.
In the 1960s it was stated, Beat would be the unpure music of the Devil.
In the 1970s it was stated, Rock music would be the corrupting sound of the Devil.
Well, and since the 1980s it was stated, Heavy Metal would be a diabolic spawn of the Devil.

What the much-reviled one heard in earlier centuries, is not officially known.
In any case, it seems clear that the ever pert bloke became really pretty musically, specifically over the last ten decades…
(Markus Eck)

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