BLOODRED • Blackened Death Metal
THARAPHITA • Blackened Pagan Metal
NEW TENANTS • Crossover Rapcore
MORTHUS • Blackened Melodic Death Metal

proudly presents:

A heart for sound engineering

Founded: 2010
Rupert-Mayer-Straße 44
81379 München

Owner: Sebastian Moser
Services: Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Genre: Metal, Rock

Studio-owner Sebastian Moser is not just a passionate recording-enthusiast, but also an active musician in the metal scene for over 15 years now.
His current band GLOOMBALL just released their 2nd album "The Quiet Monster" in March 2015.

2010 he officially founded the GROTESQUE STUDIOS.
Since then bands like WOLVES DEN, SHAPESHIFT (feat. Hannes Großmann), CYNICISM, AGE OF CARNAGE, OVER YOUR THRESHOLD, CYRENCE, ENTERA, DEAD ALONE and many more got believed in Sebastian's skills.

Owner Sebastian Moser likes to look beyond one’s own nose:
„The GROTESQUE STUDIOS are my vision of a „One-Stop-Shop“ for artists. Because of the big network of creatives from many fields we are able to offer more than just an audio production. Be it Design, Songwriting or input on how to optimize your marketing - we can help you out. I have worked in the advertising business as a projectmanager and customer consultant for many years and soon realized that my marketing experiences can perfectly relate to the music business. And because I am an active musician for so long now it’s natural to help out with my experiences where ever I can.“

Basic Equipment Project Room:
Several Mac- and Windows systems (Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Windows XP, Windows 7), equipped with Steinberg Cubase.

Flexible recording options through a variety of Mixing consoles/Interfaces:
Allen & Heath Focusrite Creamware Luna II

Wide range of Mikrophones:
AKG Audix Sennheiser Beyerdynamic Shure Diverse Amps from: Engl Peavy Mesa Line6 Hartke

Special Equipment requests can be met in the short term.

Favorite genres:
- all kinds of Metal
- Heavy Rock
- Rock

Price list: (Stem-) Mastering: 50,- € / Song
Mixing: 125,- € / Song
Daily rate Recording Engineer: 180,- €
Daily rent external Studio Rooms: on request, irrespective of the selected studio

All prices are net excluding VAT and guide values; individual arrangements or adjustments due to project scope are possible at any time.


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proudly presents:

Proven studio cooperative for the debut album

BLOODRED have recently started recording for the longed-for by many debut album. 

For this Ron Merz has teamed up with Alexander Krull (ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES) in its Mastersound Studio in Germany from 17 July. For the two is to continue the successful cooperation from last year.

Recording master Krull produces the whole and overtakes mixing and mastering. 
After the critically acclaimed EP "The Lost Ones", which was released in August last year, the current co-operative represents the second collaboration of this team. 

[ Picture: Stefan Heilemann / Heilemania ]

In the technically well-equipped halls of the renowned Mastersound Studios releases of known acts like ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES, BELPHEGOR and OBSCURA have already been provided with a great sound. The guitars get recorded by Thorsten Bauer (ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES). 

Once more with the mystical BLACKENED DEATH METAL game in Swabian realms is also Joris Nijenhuis (ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES), who overtakes the drums just as it did at last year's EP "The Lost Ones".

BLOODRED mastermind, singer and multi-instrumentalist Ron Merz comments:
"I am insanely blazed with great joy at the new recording sessions! In the Mastersound one can work as relaxed as fully focused. And Alex is always close with words and deeds." 

Equally important to the studious BLOODRED main actor is the competent and experienced Joris Nijenhuis who plays the drum parts for the upcoming longplay crusher:
"Joris is a world-class drummer, bringing in a whole new way ennobling, powerful dimension to my music with its style!".

The release of the debut album strike of BLOODRED, to date untitled, is scheduled for autumn 2015.

BLOODRED online:

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proudly presents:

Uprising heathen rage

Estonian Metal horde THARAPHITA has released their latest album titled "Ülestõus" ("Uprising") in summer 2014.

The new album’s music is a special mix of Black, Heavy and Thrash Metal: BLACKENED PAGAN METAL.

Lyrics are mostly inspired by Estonian history and our ancestors’ hard struggle for survival and the freedom of their homeland. According to legend, the mightiest Estonian fire god Tarapita landed at Estonia’s biggest island Saaremaa.

The album frontcover art depicts the main crater of lake Kaali, which was formed by a meteorite. It caused enormous damage and chaos but our ancestors starting to worship this mystical fire in the sky. The meteorites also contained iron ore, which made it possible to forge extremely strong weapons for the ancient times warriors and tools for farmers.

The new album release of THARAPHITA provides great contribution into Estonian Metal music but the lyrics also a call to reconsider the values dominant in our society. It was also nominated in the category of the best metal album at the Estonian Music Awards 2015.

The album was recorded at the Roundsound Studio and contains eight songs:

1. Ülestõus (Uprising)
2. Viimsepäeva Koidik (The Dawn Of Armageddon)
3. Luupainaja (The Nightmare)
4. Tuhandeaastase Orjaöö Tuhast (From The Ashes Of A Thousand Years Of Slavery)
5. Sõnad Sõlmedesse (Knotting The Words)
6. Surma-arbujad (Sorcerers Of Death)
7. Tuuled Rändavad ringi (Winds Wander)
8. Terasest taotud teel (On A Road Made Of Steel)

Two songs from the new album (“Ülestõus” and “Luupainaja”) can be listened at THARAPHITA Official Youtube Channel.


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proudly presents:

With sovereign permeability

"Watch out, there‘s something really big headed your way!"
Oh, how many times one have heard that, read it or had that line thrown your way?
Well, in this case the followers of the Crossover and Rap Metal division can definitely feel welcome, to listen in to this, uh, so totally kick-ass music by singer Marcus, ,Jimmy‘ Nelson & Co!

Because when these Bavarian genre enthusiasts threw together their music style in October 2013 that was as colorful as well as determined, everything was immediately pointing towards quality. And so NEW TENANTS could be put in a straight forward and independent class of their own.

In record-breaking time the four members raised their exceptional CROSSOVER RAPCORE output to new heights, which in fact, can be heard very well in their debut album "Unity By Collision" which released in May 2015.

The refreshingly crisp produced jumper sound of this exceptional band from Bavaria scores with a wonderfully rich sound. The whole thing is made up of punchy Rock and whipping Metal elements, while working up a relentless sweat. What? Not enough? Alright, old school Hip-Hop is also present with NEW TENANTS! Due to the considerably professional production the impressive differentiated display of drumming just fits perfectly any time. Accents are definitely set to really leave an impression.

Fans of Rage Against The Machine, lovers of Limp Bizkit and freaks who go through the roof at Deez Nuts with the volume turned to full blast, might just have found a new favorite band: NEW TENANTS!

Apart from enthralling catchy beats and massive stomping riffs, of this 4-pack from Buchloe, especially the vocalist has a lot to offer. His american roots ensure him a superior linguistic performance. Jimmy, definitely born to be a front man, celebrates his kickstarting ejections in slick exquisite special class of it's own. And he does this, in a way rarely heard and seen in bands of this style from Germany. Fact is: he's not just been in the game since yesterday. He‘s been shouting his lines for more than a decade now which made him even better. His vocal captivating soulfulness and fervency comes from a troublesome life, which has made this guy into a true fighter. And you can hear that in every word Jimmy phrases. It just gets deep under your skin. And goes to your heart from there!

Already at the beginning of 2014 the wild live set of these productive talented boys was standing on sturdy legs. And immediately NEW TENANTS went on to playing their first gigs, in which they successfully even shared the stage with the famous band Dog Eat Dog.

It‘s clear that something massive like this pushes a band even more. And so, after several preliminary rounds, NEW TENANTS won the final of the "Rising Heroes Band Contest" in January 2015 in Munich and thereby leaving behind at least 40 (!) other competing bands.

Got curious?
Then get your hands on NEW TENANTS and "Unity By Collision"!
Along the lines of JUMP DA FUCK UP!
(Markus Eck)


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Infernal temptation

Their EP "Into Oblivion" was finally self-released on October 22nd in 2014.

"Into Oblivion" delivers a devilish well composed and technical demanding 4-track orgy, to which the band wants to invite lovers of NAGLFAR, DISSECTION and DARK FUNERAL.

Raised to serve the dark in fall 2011, the line-up of BLACKENED MELODIC DEATH METAL enthusiasts MORTHUS was unholy completed at the end of 2013. First gigs were celebrated, the style of the formation got optimized. 

The teutonic encouraged hell-horde from the eastern part of Germany decided to besiege a record studio for their first Demo EP in early 2014.

MORTHUS recorded four well chosen Satanic hymns at Nautilus Studio in Gera / Germany for "Into Oblivion".

MORTHUS online:

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proudly presents:

Musically Zeitgeist

In the 1930s it was stated, Blues would be the dangerous work of the Devil.
In the 1940s it was stated, Jazz & Swing were frightening excesses of the Devil.
In the 1950s it was stated, Rock'n'Roll would be the evil sound of the Devil.
In the 1960s it was stated, Beat would be the unpure music of the Devil.
In the 1970s it was stated, Rock music would be the corrupting sound of the Devil.
Well, and since the 1980s it was stated, Heavy Metal would be a diabolic spawn of the Devil.

What the much-reviled one heard in earlier centuries, is not officially known.
In any case, it seems clear that the ever pert bloke became really pretty musically, specifically over the last ten decades…
(Markus Eck)

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